Our mission is for you to succeed.

It takes tremendous vision and courage to build a successful business or pursue a charitable cause. You are committed to making the world a better place. You intend to create, build, inspire and lead a team who share similar values and goals. You want to reach the mountaintop. We want to get you there.

To reach the summit, you have to take risk. That’s where Tipping Point Insurance comes in.

At Tipping Point, we are your risk management partner. It’s about more than simply buying the best insurance. Let’s face it: insurance has value but it may not preserve your reputation or customer base following a major cyber liability attack or organizational scandal. The best crisis management is crisis avoidance. Loss prevention comes from education, effective internal controls and knowing what the data says about your risk profile. We apply extensive claims experience and advanced big data analytics to model your risk factors and create an insurance solution that combines governance improvement with highly specialized insurance. So you can focus on your business.

Our vision is to be your best insurance partner and most trusted advisor.

If you want just a cheap online insurance quote with no other human interaction, then Tipping Point may not be the place to go. Sure, we can do that too but insurance really was, is and will always be about service and advice. So what really sets Tipping Point apart? Think of us this way: while others want to sell you the insurance equivalent of a cheap gym membership; we want to design and partner with you in creating a risk management plan that makes you stronger, fitter and better prepared to make your personal climb. So you can go for it.