Any company or organization with a website or that transacts business electronically is vulnerable to cyber attacks and other challenges. Studies show that most firms are aware of the exposure but not fully confident in their ability to address and prevent the risks associated with having an online business presence.

Identity theft and cyber attacks by extortionists are among the fastest growing areas of concern. Given the amount of personally identifiable information that health care, retail, financial institutions, technology and other firms have in their possession, the exposure is growing exponentially. The frequency of attacks is continuing to increase across the globe.

Tipping Point will partner with you to build a Cyber Liability insurance program that addresses the current complexity of Cyber/Privacy claims. Tipping Point will analyze current claim trends and identify areas for you to focus upon in addressing this growing risk. The Cyber Liability insurance market is growing rapidly and Tipping Point will help you find the right insurance policy to meet your needs.