Welcome to Tipping Point University (TPU).

It has been our experience that somewhere around 90% of insurance losses is preventable. As a famous plaintiff lawyer once said, “The warning signs are always there. Companies either ignore them or are ignorant of them, but they’re always there.”

So how do you stay current with emerging risk and claim trends? How do you keep up with the seeming endless stream of articles and news reports of legislative and regulatory changes?   How do you know which governance and compliance practices are best for your company or organization? In an age when anyone can use social media to opine on anything, how do you who is an expert and who just has an opinion?

We founded Tipping Point University (TPU) because we believe that an investment in applied risk management education is an integral part of loss prevention. There are five principles behind TPU:

  • We will get the very best subject legal, financial and business experts to lead the TPU educational program.
  • You as Tipping Point clients and partners will have a say in the curriculum.
  • You will have the ability to choose how you learn. We will offer classroom settings and insightful analysis in the form of short articles and videos.
  • You will get financial credit against the cost of your insurance program for graduating from a core offering of educational modules and subjects every entrepreneur and executive should be knowledgeable of.
  • You will have fun, learning and networking with other entrepreneurs and executives who are facing similar challenges.

TPU offers our executive graduates the opportunity to return the following year to share your experiences. You are welcome to discuss how the governance and loss prevention initiatives you implemented have impacted your business or organization. Entrepreneurs and executives helping their peers to experience success and climb their own mountain are paying it forward.