We offer specialty insurance products that many brokers don’t provide. We cover important, often overlooked issues.

It’s a pretty well-kept secret that the leading Management Liability and Professional Liability underwriters now offer meaningful and free legal, business consulting and IT services intended to prevent or mitigate insurance losses.

At Tipping Point, we applaud what these underwriters offer customers. In fact, we supplement their free services with a number of our own. Tipping Point even helps clients with project-based work that many small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time help for in the early phase of their life cycle.

We believe that insurance is really about getting maximum value from your insurance partners, not just a quick series of quotes and a cheap price. Our customers are often service providers themselves. They get it. Others don’t see it yet, but you will once you partner with us.

So, we will first ask you a short series of application questions. After we review that, we will want to know a little more about you and your business or organization. What are you most concerned with? What are your biggest opportunities? Challenges?

Then we model your risk using our proprietary analytics. We will show and explain to you what insurance limits, deductibles and insurance underwriters are the best match to your business or organization. We explain what services are available to you, free of charge. We provide alternatives so you can choose.

Tipping Point will keep your D&O, Management Liability and Professional Liability insurance coverage on the leading edge. We will also be your professional development trainer by offering you outstanding educational programs, research papers and project support to strengthen your business or organization as you grow. It’s an expert partnership built with your success in mind.