Education is the foundation for an effective risk management program.

In order to prevent D&O, EPL, E&O and other Management Liability claims, you have to know what your risk factors are. Then you need to implement best practices to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations governing your business or organization.

Tipping Point recognizes that time is a precious commodity to entrepreneurs and executives. You want to learn but you need to do it your way. Tipping Point University (TPU) delivers educational content and information according to your schedule. We offer customized in-class learning, educational videos, and research on demand. Our curriculum will always reflect what our customers say is of interest or concern to them.

Our instructors are industry leaders and recognized experts in their chosen fields. They are lawyers, financial experts, executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals who choose to share their knowledge and experiences. TPU also encourages our customers who benefit from Tipping Point’s educational program to become instructors themselves or at least return to the program to share your experiences. It is all part of a “Tipping Forward” approach to helping others become successful as well. Maybe it is just good karma.

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