It starts with a few clicks or a phone call.

First we need some basic information from you. It won’t take long but we need to know a few things about your business or organization. This will enable us to run your information through our modeling platform to generate useful information for you in terms of the amount and type of insurance you really need.

We also need to know how you prefer your insurance partner to interact with you. Are you a fan of email? Do you prefer phone contact? How much detail do you want when we provide you with insurance quotes or reports? Do you want a longer report or ask that we keep it to a page?

Once we understand what you want in a partner, we start evaluating what insurance coverage and services you need. Our proprietary modeling platform will benchmark you against other companies and historical loss results to develop recommendations for better insurance. Then we seek insurance quotes that best meet your needs from underwriting partners committed to your success.

Once your insurance proposal is ready, we will review it with you. Tipping Point will outline the Management and Professional Liability alternatives so you can make informed choices. Typically, our customers are value-seekers. They want the right combination of low cost, great coverage and expert services.

Tipping Point and our underwriting partners have one goal in mind: to make you more successful at what you do. That’s how we stay partners for a long time. That’s what the loss control and educational services are all about.  So once your insurance program is in place, let’s talk about Tipping Point University (TPU) and design an educational program for you that makes you better prepared for whatever risk challenges face you now or in the future.