Tipping Point is an innovative company combining the specialized Management and Professional Liability underwriting expertise of an MGA with the customer focus of a great insurance broker.

Tipping Point is the operating platform of BKCE LLC, a firm dedicated to serving entrepreneurs, growing businesses and non-profit organizations. We focus upon your unique risk profile and greatest challenges in designing an insurance program to fulfill your specific insurance and risk management needs.

Our emphasis is upon preventing losses wherever possible. Many insurance underwriters now offer valuable and free loss prevention services. We combine those services with unique Tipping Point services to maximum the value of your insurance coverage while minimizing insurance costs.

Tipping Point will match you with the right insurance company partners. Our relationships with a large number of highly rated insurance companies makes it possible for you to find the right partner at the right price. Cheap insurance alone won’t save your company in the event of a large, preventable loss. But working with Tipping Point and our insurance company partners just might.

Customer Side

  • Value of loss control and other free services provided may equal or exceed the insurance premium
  • Entrepreneurs and executives benefit from Tipping Point’s free educational and research resources
  • Almost every company or organization needs support with Cyber Liability, EPL and D&O risk prevention

Underwriter Side

  • Tipping Point matches preferred risks with your underwriting appetite to reduce loss ratios
  • You realize efficient aggregation benefits from our focus on a growing and highly desirable market segment
  • We partner with you to improve customer risk management service offerings so we are seen as trusted business advisors who build long-term relationships.